FM Home Loans: Heroes of Homebuying



To most people, getting a mortgage sounds like a boring parade of numbers, numbers and more numbers. FM wanted to stand out from the crowd of number crunchers.

We originally contracted with Elisheva and The Anelis Group to do a complete rebranding of our business and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.” — Michael Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, FM Home Loans

But too often, corporations projecting personality come across as phony, flimsy or cliché. Could FM project a persona of both the genuine care and reliable strength that makes a homebuyer’s dream feel like one?


In interviews with FM’s CEO, executives, brokers and customers, a consistent theme began to emerge.

Over and over, we heard how FM loan officers grasp the emotional rollercoaster of buying a home. They bring an honest enthusiasm to the mortgage process, acknowledging the setbacks while pulling out all the stops to overcome them.

During each project, they completely dove in to understand our needs, working tirelessly until they thoroughly understood exactly what makes us tick.” — Michael Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, FM Home Loans


This insight led to positioning FM loan officers as the “Homebuyer’s Heroes.”

Like every great comic book hero, FM loan officers appear to be crisp and professional office people. But look closely, and hints of heroism abound.

We contracted an incredible illustrator to paint a superhero character to express each loan officer’s individual strengths. Rolling over website bio headshots reveals their superhero avatar.

This balance of a serious business with superhero personality continued with office wall decals, trade show setups and waiting room tchotchkes.

They totally upgraded our company with a fresh, modern look including updating our marketing in all areas. Their work helped us achieve our goal of standing out beautifully during events and trade shows.” — Michael Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, FM Home Loans


In no time FM began getting referrals and testimonials explicitly referring to them as “homebuying superheroes.” In turn, their team now sends personally branded superhero wine bottles to clients upon closing on their home.

We’re proud to be FM’s ongoing creative partner as they’ve grown from a head office in Brooklyn to 13 branches throughout the tristate and Florida.

The Anelis Group has been a great fit for us, and we are very happy repeat customers.” — Michael Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, FM Home Loans