SARY: Real women, real life, real results



As a market-leader in exquisite natural wigs, SARY did not need our help building awareness or generating sales.

But there was a gap between the image they were projecting and the deeply held values that drive their company.

Shaindy Braun, founder of SARY, is known for being an incredibly grounded, kind and charity-driven human. She gets her greatest pleasure from putting the spotlight on others.

Shaindy Braun

More than a fashion company selling its standard of glamor, Sary celebrates the everyday human values of their clientele and helps it shine.

Shaindy partnered with The Anelis Group to promote that perspective for her company.

I turned to The Anelis Group to take my company which was already a world-renowned brand and boost our image further to the world.” — Shaindy Braun, founder of SARY


While we did want to project a visually beautiful and polished look for the campaign, we did not want to send a march of models down the Instagram feed as practically every wig and fashion brand does.

That’s when the insight hit: Sary’s beauty is not about glamorous hair. It’s about the natural glow of the women who wear it.


We recruited 30 real Sary customers who are impacting their surroundings with their insight and inspiration, humor and resolve.

While they enjoyed a relaxing makeover in the salon at Sary HQ, we filmed them sharing what makes them feel powerful inside and how their Sary goes with them as they brighten up the world.


A fashion entrepreneur whose work is featured in Vogue told her #RealWomen story alongside a pediatric oncologist who brings brightness to her young patients.

An energized party motivator and an exhausted mommy both shared their #RealWomen stories. So did a stoic attorney, a studious architect and a steadfast Chabad Shlucha.

Each of these ambassadors authentically love and wear SARY.


As their stories unfolded, SARY’s Instagram page drew a huge following of eager fans, boosting both practical awareness of the company as well as appreciation for its brand values.

They accomplished this 1000% by portraying our message in an engaging, relatable way, greatly increasing our influence and our sales.” — Shaindy Braun, founder of SARY

#RealWomenWearSARY was a classic feat of coordination and collaboration. The Anelis Group:

  • Curated a list of diverse personalities and earned their buy-in to share their stories
  • Interviewed #realwomen for their individual stories as well as for their answers to common questions about momtrepreneurship
  • Orchestrated and conducted an intensive three-day photo and video shoot around the schedules of 30 busy women
  • Handpicked the creative crew to carry out this vision—photographers, video crew, editing team, MUA, hair stylists—and directed post-filming
  • Chose pink or black sweaters—Sary brand colors—for the ambassadors to wear, creating a striking visual Instagram grid
  • Sweaters were from two additional women-led brands that earned publicity with each post

Shaindy says:

Working with Elisheva and The Anelis Group is an amazing experience. Their professionalism, attention to detail and personal interest in my business is head-and-shoulders above the norm.” — Shaindy Braun, founder of SARY