ERA: Beyond Emergency Care to Elite Aesthetic Excellence


Boost awareness of ERA Plastic Surgery’s innovative laser treatment services.

ERA Plastic Surgery and its founder, Eser Raizy Akerman, have for years been synonymous with impeccable, scar-free injury repair in Lakewood. Yet with her recent move to state-of-the-art facilities and the addition of aesthetic services to her lineup, Ester Raizy was ready to be known for more than stitching. She wanted the community to know about ERA’s advanced laser services for hair removal and skin treatments. ERA partnered with the Anelis Group to develop a campaign that would spur on widespread awareness of ERA’s laser expertise and usher in new customers.

Laser Treatment Misconceptions Plagued the Community

Lakewood isn’t a stranger to laser services, with numerous home-based businesses offering them. But a mix of outdated information and misconceptions, like lasers being painful or ineffective on dark skin, hindered potential customers from seeking treatments. While these misconceptions were true in the past, they are no longer the case thanks to newer laser technology — technology that’s harnessed by ERA Plastic Surgery. The campaign would need to do more than just spread the word of these new services — it would have to explain why ERA’s treatments are unlike the rest.

Dispelling Doubts With Whimsical Floral Imagery

Ditching the clichéd before-after photos, Anelis Group opted for an imaginative approach. Print ads, billboards, and social media campaigns featured vases filled with flowers of varied colors and textures, reflecting different laser treatments and their associated concerns. The vases were brought to life with facial expressions that revealed the fears that so many have about laser treatments and skin concerns while raising awareness of ERA’s worry-free lasering experience.

We also created a video for social media that animated the vases as they spoke about various laser treatment concerns and negative past experiences.


With creative imagery and punchy copy, ERA’s campaign grabbed eyeballs while alleviating common customer pain points — both of which are effective tactics for attracting new customers.