Branding Together: A Covid Collaboration



When Corona hit, we watched helplessly as our core customers bled badly:

Small businesses and entrepreneurs were the first to shut their lights and go home. It hurt so much to see, but what could we do to help?

Those first weeks in March, we discussed a few ideas but most just weren’t feasible.

Then our team had one of those Whoa! conversations that herald something great about to unfold:


Collaboration is not only the middle of our three company values. Collaboration is our absolute core. More often than not, our business solutions bring owners, creatives and communities together to make an exponential impact.

This is where we shine!

Why not channel the power of ultimate collaboration to help one small business and hopefully start a ripple effect of others giving back with their talent too?

As the idea took hold, Elisheva drew up her dream list of nine top creatives who could knock it out of the park. Amazingly and inspiringly, each of them said YES without a second thought.

The game was on!


Within a couple of days, we developed the “Branding Together” title, message and visuals, launched a website, published an ad and filmed a commercial calling small business owners to apply for a free “brandsformation” worth more than $60,000 to help them shine as they get back on their feet.


The campaign launch earned wall-to-wall coverage, views and reactions. In less than two weeks, nearly 500 small businesses applied.

branding website design for Branding Together

Our largest consumer market is the observant Jewish community.

The winning business and our rebranding process are being covered by three major Jewish media platforms who joined the collaboration: Mishpacha, the largest Jewish print publication in the world, JCN, the largest digital presence online and Between Carpools, a rapidly growing social platform for women.

An added layer of results: we’re getting frequent feedback from business owners who see the process unfold and are taking notes for their own business. Win. Win. Win.

Branding Together is the gold standard of an Anelis Group success: collaboration and creativity to benefit as many people as possible.