Nevonim: Fundraising through the power of narrative


Raising much-needed funds for an unknown nonprofit

When Nevonim first approached Anelis, they were a fledgling operation of case managers led by Rabbi Ozer Babad.

As Rabbi Babad’s caseload grew, he realized that in order to serve the many teens and young adults in desperate need of help, his organization needed large-scale funding.

Anelis Group was tasked with building the organization’s brand from the ground up: naming the organization, creating a compelling narrative, and generating widespread awareness and donations.

Nevonim listens to what’s said “between the lines”

In a crowded landscape of nonprofits vying for attention and donations, we needed to tap into human emotion and find a narrative that would resonate deeply and inspire people to listen.

We realized that what sets the Nevonim team apart is their ability to truly hear those who are suffering. They are keenly aware that all too often, an “I’m fine” really means, “I’m struggling and I don’t know where to turn.”

We had a hunch that this theme would strike a chord with people, so it became the basis for our campaign, “Between the Lines.” We wanted to get the message across that Nevonim transforms lives by pausing, listening, and validating others’ pain. Their expertise in “reading between the lines” is precisely what enables them to effectively support people in pain — and empower them to make strides toward healthy and meaningful lives.

Mrs. Perlman’s incredible grasp of branding, fundraising, and marketing made her and The Anelis Group the ideal choice for branding our new organization and running our fundraising campaign. With Mrs. Perlman leading our campaign, we knew it would run smoothly and successfully from start to finish.” –Rabbi Ozer Babad

Creating an impactful brand image and a poignant fundraising campaign

Before we could get started on the campaign, we had to first create the organization’s brand—beginning with choosing a name that would encapsulate its mission and ethos.

We settled on Nevonim: a modern and elegant Hebrew word that conveys wise understanding that stems from deep compassion and emotional intelligence.

We also created a visual brand that reflected Nevonim’s compassion and care. We designed a logo that resembles people holding hands, and we developed a full suite of digital and print marketing materials, including a website and print brochure.

Equipped with a fresh, eye-catching brand, we dove into the “Between the Lines” campaign. This initiative would focus on educating the public about Nevonim’s life-saving work and raising $500,000 in critical funds all in one shot.

Striking a tone that was both informative and soul-stirring, we ran double-page ads and articles in major Jewish publications like Ami and Mishpacha. While the articles gave an in-depth look at the Nevonim cause, the ads used punchier language and clever design to emphasize that suffering can easily go unnoticed if we’re not paying attention.

In order to harness the power of digital marketing while conveying the Between the Lines message, we decided to tell real stories of the people Nevonim had helped. However, we had to preserve the anonymity of those whose lives had been transformed by Rabbi Babad and his team. 

So, we created a series of poignant 30-60 second storytelling videos featuring a unique blend of Jewish influencers who would serve as the voices for those who didn’t have a voice. Designed for digital platforms like WhatsApp, these videos featured artists, musicians, politicians, and other community influencers who read Nevonim’s client stories aloud.

We also created an impactful video featuring Rabbi Babad telling the story behind the organization.


Additionally, we designed a video that featured animated illustrations walking across real hands—and between the lines on hands—as they embarked on a journey from pain to healing.  The goal of this video was to clearly define the Nevonim process in a way that was sensitive, emotionally evocative, and easy to grasp.


Big recognition and big donations

In a span of just one week, Nevonim went from an unnamed and unknown organization to a prominent, trusted institution within the Jewish community. And, Nevonim raised almost $600k in donations (nearly $100k more than their original goal).

By telling heartfelt stories that revealed the transformative power of listening and supporting those in need, Nevonim was able to command respect—and earn the funding it so needed to continue its transformative work, expand its reach, and save countless more lives.

We’d run campaigns before, but The Anelis Group’s campaign was by far the most successful. Their high-quality, spot-on branding made our audience feel as familiar with our brand-new organization as they would with a well-known, established organization. The Anelis Group executed every stage of the project in an organized, efficient manner, and every deliverable they worked on was extremely clear, modern, and on-target.” –Rabbi Ozer Babad